Nick Yeates i love me some thai food and thai tea do u know how to make good thai tea?

Amie Chanapai Sureee l had to make them when l was woring

Nick Yeates what is the best way, so i can make it here

Amie Chanapai l made a big pot in the restuarant but u can buy an instant Thai tea powder and mix it with water

Nick Yeates u mix that with Cold water and ice right?

Amie Chanapai for an instant thai tea ...l guess yes or hot water

Nick Yeates Ok and then the key ingrediant, what kinda milk or coconut milk or soy?

Amie Chanapai,r:7,s:0 this is a thai tea powder but not instant u have to put them in the hot 100degree water and then strain the power and mix it with Condense mike and suger

Nick Yeates ahhh condensed milk and sugar

Amie Chanapai yes and then u serve with an ice and put half and half on top [:)] so if u do half of the package so u put one Condense milk and half cup of super half cup = small soup (to go) container [:D] this is my recipe better to make for a party

Nick Yeates ok thanks

Amie Chanapai lemme know too,r:0,s:0 use this to drain the powder out of ur tea this stick l love to make it like a bubble tea...

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