Tradition of the Portuguese Festa: The traditional Festa is based on Queen Isabel of Portugal. Also known as St. Elisabeth of Aragon, the Queen of Portugal during the 13th century performed many miracles in her sacrifice for the poor and the sick. She was always a giving queen out of spite from her husband King Denis of Portugal. During her reign as queen of Portugal, there were natural disasters, there was drought, crop failure and finally a cruel famine that broke the people’s faith. In her desperation and suffering, the queen went to the altar of the church to pray to the Holy Ghost for help, saying she would sacrifice her crown to the church on the altar to give herself in sacrifice for her people. The prayers were answered, and what followed was a miracle. A ship arrived in the port laden with food that fed the famished and restored the people’s faith. This day of restored faith was celebrated with a feast for all. We share in this tradition with our Festa.


4-5 lb. roast (chuck) From 1 tsp. cinnamon

1/2 tsp whole cloves

1 tsp. whole allspice

1 tsp. whole cumin

4 bay leaves

1 large onion - chopped

black pepper 1 small clove garlic – crushed

1 small bottle sherry wine

1 can tomato sauce

4 sprigs fresh mint

salt to taste

1 loaf “day-old” french bread

Place meat in large stew pot, cover with water. Add sherry wine and tomato sauce. Tie whole spices in cheese cloth or put in tea-ball and place in pot. Add garlic, onion, salt and pepper. Over medium heat, bring to slow simmer, reduce heat and simmer 4 to 5 hours. DO NOT BOIL! Slice french bread and place in large deep bowl. Place 2 sprigs of the mint on top of bread. When meat is done (should pull apart with a fork) place in large bowl and top with remaining mint. Remove spice ball from liquid and pour over the sliced bread, creating a “soup”. (Spices may be adjusted according to personal preferences. Chopped or wedged cabbage is often added during last hour of cooking. Any type roast may be used.)

From: http://www.sacramentophcs.com/recipes.htm

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